WhyNot VII

It occurs to me that as we have given away some LPs there may be some traffic to this site that I haven't updated in a year. We're playing at Otis and James at 8:00pm on Saturday the 13th. It would be great to see you there. Last night's kickoff show was a blast. Last show for Crooked Gospel, kind of our sister band. End of an era. 

Long awaited update

WhyNot is upon us and we are taking a little bit of time to make the band a live concern. Playing as a three-piece is a different dynamic, but we kind of snapped into it after a little bit of fiddling around. It is an interesting place to be as a band because, as Jake pointed out, we can do whatever we want going forward and there is very, very little of our older material that we can play live. 

There are now 4 songs in the set. We are playing Metro/Coast from our debut full-length, and have written 3 new songs that currently don’t have titles. We set up the mics and recorded the set for our own amusement. Nick from Wild Hands, Crooked Gospel, running Souris River Brewing, and generally being awesome, came over and put new heads on Amanda’s drums. They sound really, really good.

Another fun thing about the new set is that both Jake and I (Jason) have delved fully into the depths of our midwestmodulation pedals and the new songs are much noisier and crazier than the older ones.

We are playing these 4 songs Thursday, August 6th at Souris River Brewing. Vanity Plate, Dani Raccoon, and the Extended Benders are also playing. Gates at 8pm, music starts at 9:00, not sure where we are in the lineup. The last outdoor show we played there was so much fun, we’re really looking forward to it. Then Saturday, August 8th we will be playing at Otis and James at 8pm. Lots of great stuff to see all weekend. 

Mutlitrack Files

As promised a really long time ago, I am going to start uploading the multitrack files for the LP. You are free to do pretty much whatever you want with these provided you give us proper attribution. More specifically they are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. You can read more about this here

Everything is basically as it appears on the album in 24-bit mono .wav files (except where the source was stereo). If you want something sans-effects drop us a line at atomsrite@gmail.com. As a matter of fact, if you do anything at all with these we would really love to hear about it, it would likely encourage the release of more of them (for the time being it is just Tennis, Everyone? as I am kind of waiting to see if anyone cares about this before I take the time to do all of the songs).

 Here's the link, Enjoy 


The Upcomings

Welcome to our new web home. We're going to make an honest effort to keep this one semi up to date. Lots of stuff on the horizon. We will be putting out a seven inch with  LandLand. We will start recording this in October. In the meantime all of the members of Atom's Rite are working on producing the new Wild Hands LP which is a tremendous honor to work on.